Review: Last Chance to Fall by Kelsey Kingsley


Oh how I love the Kinney brothers! I have been waiting patiently for Seanie’s book and it finally arrived on my Kindle. Kelsey Kingsley can not only write like she’s one of the Irish lads herself – but her writing will make you laugh, cry and swoon at the same time. This book is about the 3rd Kinney brother, Sean; and if you haven’t read the other two – that’s ok (but you will WANT to read Patrick and Ryan’s stories too).

Seanie boy…this guy is everything dreamy…he’s handsome, humble, a book nerd, has an accent, has muscles, and is as sensitive as a big teddy bear. Sean is Mr. Good Guy. He has never broken the rules or law, he eats the same things every day, has the same routine, doesn’t like trouble or putting anyone out. He has a heart of gold and just wants to keep everyone happy. Sean never expected Lindsey to walk into his storeroom, steal his heart and throw him off his axis. It was absolutely adorable how smitten he was for her, and I fell more and more in love with him as he revealed more of himself while spending time with her.

“Because as she talked and the flickering flame inside the iron lantern above the table danced poetically across her face, I felt myself shift and change. And suddenly I couldn’t remember who I was before I met her.” SWOOOOOOON!

I absolutely love how the Kinney brothers and their women interact with each other. They are playful, charming, thoughtful and their bond is so real that you’ll want to be adopted into their family. This book is so fun in the sense that one moment the brothers are ribbing each other and acting like they are 12 years old, and then the next they are sweeping their ladies off of their feet. Sean & Lindsey’s story is fun, flirty, sexy, hilarious, and will have you wanting your own Irish boy when you’re done. I know I feckin’ do! Well done once again Kelsey Kingsley. I am not ready for this to be the last of the Kinney brothers!

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