Review: Piece of Work by Staci Hart


Staci Hart is the QUEEN of Romantic Comedies and Piece of Work does not disappoint! Oh this book is everything…fun, quirky, sexy, smart, and will take you from the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art to Italy (hello my two happy places!!!!).

One of my favorite things about this book is the heroine, Rin. She is so real that I wanted to crawl inside of her and take over her body! She is a beautiful, tall young Asian woman who really did not care much about outward appearances until she had to up her game for her new job. The transition that she goes through not only physically, but in her confidence and outlook, is so inspiring…I immediately went to go try on some bright and bold lipsticks to channel my inner Rin! Ugh this girl – she’s a clutz, yet brilliant; breathtakingly beautiful, yet humble; and she is Smart. Like a total book nerd. And art nerd. And every kind of nerd that I want to be…all wrapped up in lipstick, stilettos and trendy outfits. One of my favorite lines by her was “I didn’t think I wanted to hide anymore. I wanted to be seen.” I literally got goosebumps!

And then there is Court. He is what Rin describes as an adonis himself. She is so intimidated by him that it is adorable…tripping over things, tumbling out of doors, and stumbling over her words. Court falls right into Rin’s category of men…he is gorgeous, determined, ambitious and powerful. He was the “perfect mess” for her.

What started as a physical attraction between these two led to so much more. Their whirlwind romance is full of push and pull, angst, passion, rejection and desire. You will laugh, swoon, take some make-up and clothing notes, and swoon some more over these two. Well done once again Staci Hart!!

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