Review: Envy by Dylan Allen

EnvyEnvy by Dylan Allen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is one of those books that you finish and just have no words. I read this book over 3 days, and I had to sleep on my review. I fell in love with the story – hated the story – fell in love with it all over again and then some.

This book is a beautifully written second chance romance between Graham and Apollo (who is a girl with an amazing name!). It spans over a decade in time from when they meet as adolescents into their 20’s. The back-story and early years of Graham and Apollo’s friendship is both beautiful and tragic. I fell in love with their relationship immediately, and every experience they had together created a bond and chemistry that no one could deny. They created a safe haven between the two of them that only they could understand and share with each other. Their loyalty to the other one knew no bounds, and it was apparent from early on that their relationship would stand the test of time and distance.

As the years go on, it is hard to read the decisions that Graham makes to take care of those who he loves. I was upset, mad, and then just had to accept the fact that he was doing what only a desperate man would do in his situation to take care of those closest to him. Despite his decisions, he made himself a star both in his social and professional life. Only he didn’t see himself that way. He was broken and determined to follow the advice of his mama despite the obstacles in his path to get what he truly wanted. I fell in love with the younger version of Graham, and had to accept the good, bad and ugly parts of him along the way.

But I also fell in love with Apollo. She is a ray of sunshine from the moment she steps on the pages of the book until the end. She is everything Graham needs – strong, brilliant, charismatic, determined, and passionate. She was a rock for Graham; and although there is heartbreak – I loved the fact that she stayed true to herself through their entire journey. She never wavered. She never let herself accept anything less from Graham then she deserved and wanted. I think she is my idol.

You will feel everything in this story. It is real and raw. You will laugh and cry through their experiences, as well as swoon and daydream about their young love and the lasting impressions they make on one another. It is all things broken and beautiful. Well done Dylan Allen! I can’t wait for more in this series. XO

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