Review: Reckoning by Jessica Ruben

Reckoning (Vincent and Eve #2)Reckoning by Jessica Ruben

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Have you ever read an entire book in one afternoon? Well I just did. And I mean I devoured it. Every. Single. Page. Jessica Ruben did not disappoint with this anxiously awaited Book 2 in her Vincent & Eve series.

Reckoning picks up right where Rising left off…. Eve has just started out at NYU and discovers that the man who she fell in love with and thought she knew is also there; but he is not the man he seemed to be. Eve’s emotional heartache, and her inner-struggle to remain strong and independent keep you glued to her every move and word. This girl is not going to let anyone or anything slow her down or keep her from her life-long goals. She is a badass. She holds her head high, and breaks down to only those who will protect her heart and her secrets. Oh I love this girl!!!

Vincent….oh Vincent. He lives for Eve; but his own family loyalties keep him from getting everything he wants. He is so torn it breaks your heart. I just wanted to shout to him “take Eve and run!” It’s easy to forget how young they both are in this story, as they have experienced so much in their short lives. They are both mature beyond their years, and their passion and determination just make you want to cheer for them until the end.

This story is sexy, passionate, thrilling, has amazing secondary characters, and will keep you turning the pages until you scream when you realize YOU JUST NEED MORE. Ugh…Jessica Ruben just slays this genre and I Can Not wait until Redemption is released! Well done girl! XO

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