Review: The Boy & His Ribbon by Pepper Winters

The Boy and His Ribbon (The Ribbon Duet, #1)The Boy and His Ribbon by Pepper Winters

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh this book…this book. I have been putting off this review for a couple of days because it left such a huge mark on me; and now I am reading the 2nd in the series, A Girl and Her Ren, which is a must-read if you read The Boy and His Ribbon. This is not a romance story – it is so much more!! It is about unconditional love through childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood. It’s about loyalty that never strays, determination to survive with nothing but human love to cling to, and the power of human connection.

Ren Wild and Della Ribbon will steal your mind, heart and soul. Their bond from the beginning of their time together was indescribable from the start and only magnified as the years went on. Ren’s passion for living a simple life with just him, Della and the land is so innocent; yet the fierceness of his desire to protect and give Della everything she needs makes him seem older and wiser beyond his years. Although he has never had any type of schooling, he is “the smartest person I know” according to Della. He is fearless, determined, passionate, and yet oh so broken. He will break your heart as he wages an internal war between his care-taker role for Della and a deeper form of love.

Della Ribbon is everything Ren needs. She pushes his limits – and her own. She is feisty, beautiful, and daring at even a very young age. She loves Ren with all of her heart and doesn’t care who knows. The connection that grows between them over the years is tied by a ribbon that only the two of them understand and can navigate. Their incessant need to be together, and the transformation of their relationship from caretaker and child, to siblings, to friends and more will take your breath away.

Pepper Winters has outdone herself with this book. You will devour each page and it will bring you joy and heartache. You can’t help but fall in love with Ren and Della and their amazing story. This book will forever be one of my all-time favorites, and I can’t wait to read it again…and again. Well done Pepper Winters!! XO

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