Review: Shameless King by Maya Hughes

Shameless KingShameless King by Maya Hughes

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Before you read “Shameless King” be sure you check out the Prequel
“Kings of Rittenhouse”. You can read my review here

This steamy sports romance was just what I needed this weekend! It is a quick easy read about high school enemies who then stumble into each other in college years later. They both have secrets and hidden feelings from the other. It is definitely a slow burn, and at times I was like “just kiss her already!” AGH….but the wait was worth it.

Declan McAvoy was the high school hockey team captain who is now the star player in college. He is a big dose of YUM….athletic, built, smart, a charmer, cocky flirt, and driven. His family past is the catalyst for him to finish college and make it in the pros; but he keeps his deeper insecurities to himself…until Makenna comes along.

Oh this girl Makenna…she is as uptight as they come. She’s a perfectionist, brilliant, beautiful, and a bit of a control freak. Ok a lot of a control freak. She keeps to herself besides a few close friends, and is determined to succeed more for her parents and brother, than for herself. She carries a lot on her shoulders, and I felt badly for her for a good part of the book. She just can’t seem to Let Go.

When Declan & Makenna are together it is such hot chemistry. Their banter. Their debates. Their arguments. The push and pull of their fleeting touches. GAH they drove me nuts for a while. But it is so worth it once they figure out exactly how perfect they are for one another. They just balance each other out.

This story is sweet, funny, steamy, and has fab secondary characters – I can’t wait for the other King books! Well done Maya Hughes! I’m a fan!

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