Review: More Than Words by Mia Sheridan

More Than WordsMore Than Words by Mia Sheridan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have to mentally prepare myself to read a book by Mia Sheridan – but it is with great excitement and anxiety fluttering in my chest. I know her books are going to rip my heart open and then somehow beautifully put it back together, and that is exactly what this one did. More Than Words was written in such a way that it magically intertwined history, music, and the bonds of childhood to create a heartfelt and passionate life story between Callen and Jessie.

“I am here to save you.” Each time this line was said in the book, I lost a little piece of my heart to these two characters. When Callen & Jessie initially meet each other they are both seeking refuge from their broken homes and lives. Their instant friendship and easiness with each other was both endearing and portrayed so naturally. I loved their world of “make believe” and “fairy tales” and how they each played a part in them as they escaped their own reality. My heart was teetering as the years went on and they each invested more in their relationship.

Oh Callen – he is both broken and a genius. He lost his way very young, but somehow managed to hold on to the one thing from his past that made him who he is as a famous composer. This tie to his childhood with Jessie was my undoing – he was so vulnerable when it came to Jessie, yet so arrogant and confident to outsiders. The way he changed from a successful and famous man to a young man acting like a kid again with Jessie was amazing. It made me fall for him although I literally wanted to smack him sometimes.

Jessie is brilliant, and I absolutely loved the parallels between her studying Joan of Arc and her own story with Callen. Mia Sheridan is a freaking genius!!!! I found myself right in the midst of the historical figure’s life and battles – then only to be thrown right back into the frenzy of Jessie and Callen’s lives. The reoccurring theme of “live fiercely and have no regrets” was so prominent and meaningful throughout the book, that you just couldn’t help but keep hoping Jessie & Callen would not give up on their dreams or each other.

Although this book spans over a couple of decades – you feel as if time stands still with Jessie & Callen. Their bond and emotional ties to the other are so strong and so real. I absolutely loved how their childhood together was just the foundation for what was to come for them. This book is definitely one of my favorites I have read this year – and I can’t wait to go back and read it again…and again. Well done Mia Sheridan!! XO

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