Review: Overexposed by Amelia Oliver and Kate Hastings

OverexposedOverexposed by Amelia Oliver

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is part of the Client Liaisons series featuring Piper Quinn, who works as a publicist with ESM Marketing. I discovered this book and these authors from a teaser promo on Instagram – it immediately caught my attention with the SoCal vibe of the characters and setting.

Piper is your typical work hard, play hard surfer girl who was raised in LA by a famous musician and model. She enjoys her routine way of life consisting of work, visiting her parents, and occasionally letting loose with her friends. She has no time for the likes of the reality star bad boy Seth Mitchell….until she is forced to spend hours getting to know the real Seth.

Oh Seth… he is a handful! He attracts all the wrong LA crowds, lives life in the spotlight and gossip magazines, all the while trying to get a breakthrough acting role. His first impression is not impressive in the least, and I had so much admiration for Piper for giving him several chances to prove himself worthy enough of her time and efforts. She was so patient with his antics, and I loved how she held her own and did not cower to him or his relentless behavior. She reacted with humor and authority, and definitely put Seth in his place quickly after spending a short amount of time in his mansion.

I loved the flirty banter between Seth & Piper. It truly made their relationship what it was – fun, sexy, and passionate. Oh and their stubborn personalities just kicked everything up a notch! You never knew who was going to finally give in to the other one and that kept their relationship a never-ending guessing game and exciting.

“You’re both stubborn and quick-tempered, you’re both deeply feeling and protective as hell of those you love.”

Seth’s housekeeper, Jackie, had such a keen eye on their relationship! With Seth’s cocky personality – he did not waste any time going after what he wanted – and that was Piper. They were either a trainwreck together, or perfectly paired puzzle pieces. As their relationship evolves, you fall more and more for the bad boy and want them to be together because of how well they balance each other out. Seth brings out the wild side in Piper, and she, of course, grounds him. I surprisingly fell for his smitten ways. Not to mention they have some steamy scenes!!! I am definitely looking forward to the next book in this series with this group of friends. Well done A. Oliver and K. Hastings!

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