Review: Rewrite the Stars by Charleigh Rose

Rewrite the StarsRewrite the Stars by Charleigh Rose

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book definitely made me want to run off and join the circus….or is it carnival?!?! Gah – these characters, the setting, the fantasy of it all was so refreshing and mesmerizing, and I loved every second of it! Charleigh Rose writes books with characters who are so relatable and down to earth that you can’t help fall for them. In this story you will not only fall for Sebastian and Evangaline (Evan) but also several of the side characters.

I was pulled into this story from the Prologue and couldn’t put it down….the mystery of Sebastian, and the innocence and troubled youth of Evan take you back to your own High School days of dramatic friendships and family arguments. Evan runs away from her parents in the midst of a family argument, and somehow finds herself in the hands of Sebastian, the dark and broody carnival motorbike stuntman. The chemistry between the two of them is on fire from the beginning. I fell for Seb’s dark demeanor immediately. He is all male – cocky, ridiculously good looking, and unattainable to every female he has encountered. Even though he has a tough exterior, you just know that there is much more to him with how he reacts to Evan and the attention he gives to her. As his story unfolds and his walls come down, you will want him all to yourself. He is strong yet sensitive, and his passion is HOT. I was ready for him to take me on a ferris wheel ride!!

I loved Seb, but I think I loved Evan even more. She is young, hurting, alone, but tougher than any carnie she comes across. She will take on the boys with her words or her fists, and stand up to anyone who is ready to knock her down. She is beautiful yet broken, and her naive view of the world and people coupled with her tough determination get her everywhere with the carnies, and eventually Sebastian. I was in awe of this girl with her feisty attitude, fierceness, and desire to be loved by family and friends.

Not only is this story about young lust and love, but it is also about broken families, starting over with nothing, and believing in fate. Seb believed he was cursed and only had one path in life, and when Evan stepped in the way time and again, it all changed. I loved their angst, the emotional push and pull, and the honest and raw emotions from both of them. I fell harder for Seb each time he fought his desire for Evan only to fall harder for her in their next encounter. It was real – it was magical – and it was addicting.

You will love this carnival setting, and the secondary characters are amazing! I am hoping that this series continues with a couple of my favorites, and we get more of what’s next for Seb & Evan because I didn’t nearly get enough of them. Well done once again Charleigh Rose!!!!

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