New Release: A Single Touch by Willow Winters



A Single Touch by Willow Winters is LIVE!! Jase Cross is BACK in the third & FINAL installment of the Irresistible Attraction Trilogy!!

✓ Enemies to Lovers

✓ Heart wrenching feels

✓ Damaged Hero

✓ Mind-Blowing Twists

✓ Gripping, Romantic Suspense.




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From USA Today bestselling author Willow Winters comes the conclusion to the heart-wrenching, edge-of-your-seat gripping, romantic suspense trilogy, Irresistible Attraction.

Sometimes you meet someone, maybe meet isn’t the right word. You don’t even have say hello for this to happen. You simply pass by them and everything in your world changes forever. Chills flow all the way from the crook in your neck where you imagine he’d kiss you, all the way down, with only a single glance.

I know you know what I’m referring to. The moment when something inside of you ignites to life, recognizing their other half that’s been gone for far too long.

It burns hot, destroying any hope that it’s only a coincidence, and that life will go back to what it was. These moments are never forgotten.

That’s only with a single glance.

I can tell you what a single touch will do. It will destroy you and everything you thought you knew.

I felt all of this with Jase Cross, every flick of the flames that roared inside of me.

I knew he’d be my downfall, and I was determined to be his just the same.


A Single Touch is the third and final book of the Irresistible Attraction trilogy.

If you haven’t started reading yet, get book 1, A Single Glance and start this epic series today!!!


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