About Me


My name is Sarah Plocher and I currently live in Portland, Oregon. I am originally a Colorado native. I received my BA in Political Science from the University of San Diego in 1993, and then lived in gorgeous San Diego for almost 10 years. After I married my husband, I knew we would be making the move to Portland as that is where he was originally from and his job would take us there….so off we went in late 2002. Two kids and 13 years later we made the decision to become expats in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where we lived for 3.5 years. It was the best decision we ever made!!!!!

One of the biggest things I knew I was going to miss from home was going to the library. I was known for being a big library nerd. My book stacks were always piled high, and my “hold list” for our local library was always long. So buying a Kindle to keep up with my reading in Vietnam was a big step for me. I always joked and said my Catholic school education of English and grammar made me the book nerd that I am; but it really is my love of books! I minored in English at USD, edited contracts, letters and countless documents as a Paralegal and insurance underwriter, and I always still have a book on my nightstand.

As we got settled in Vietnam in early 2016, I started reading more and more due to the extra free time that I had on my hands (I no longer had a job). I discovered this whole new world of “Kindle Unlimited” and started following some of my favorite authors on social media. I eventually began to sign up to receive ARC’s, and started posting my reviews on my Goodreads account – that I had only previously used to keep track of my TBR’s. In January of 2018, I set up a designated Instagram account solely for promoting books and authors, and from there my small book village suddenly grew into this book world that has become such a big part of my life.

By Fall of 2018 I started my own proofreading business, after building relationships with authors and PR companies, and was invited on several author’s ARC and Street Teams. I currently Beta Read and proofread for several best-selling authors, and it has become my full-time job!

My favorite genre is Contemporary Romance; but I also enjoy and will review and proofread Romantic Suspense, Pychological Thrillers, Erotica, Dark Romance, Young Adult, and New Adult to name a few. Thank you for reading my blog and cheers to your next book! XO