Proofreading Services

Author Testimonials:

“Sarah is both professional and personable. She not only has a skilled eye that found all the errors hidden throughout my manuscript, but she does it with true dedication to making my work the best it can be. Her timely manner and constant communication make her a pleasure to work with. With Sarah, I know my manuscript is in the hands of someone who personally cares about the outcome of my project and a skilled proofreader who doesn’t let anything get past her. For authors searching for proofreaders, I can’t recommend Sarah’s services enough! – Author Lacey Dailey (September 2018)

“When I send my manuscript to Sarah, I automatically feel at ease because I know she’ll catch all those pesky typos! She’s not only amazingly fast with proofreading, but she’s exceptionally thorough too. My work would not be as polished as it is without her! I strongly recommend Sarah for all of your proofreading services, not only for her skill, but for her bright and welcoming personality too!” – Author S.J. Sylis (July 2018)


“Sarah’s attention to detail is fantastic. She catches those tiny, frustrating typos and inconsistencies that you don’t even think to look for. I am so, so grateful to her for finding the errors several other sets of eyes missed, and I can’t recommend her proofreading services enough!” – Author C.R. Ellis (May 2018)


Proofreading Services:

I will look for spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammatical errors, as well as typos, correcting them accordingly. Suggestions may be made occasionally regarding word choice to avoid repetition or enhance the story.

*Manuscript should be edited before this service is requested. Please allow a minimum of 3 days for turnaround.


Proofreading Fees (as of September 15, 2018):

$.0020 (US Dollars) per word

Please contact me directly if interested!